FAQ About "Two Plus Two" Program

Is the audition only for students who are in high-school?

AICM (Bachelor and Diploma courses in Music) can accept students of all ages above 17. Students will need to audition to enter AICM.

APGS (our performing arts high school) can accept younger students (ages 11-17) wanting to finish their Higher School Certificate in Australia. At the school they can study normal academic subjects (maths, english, etc.) along with music, dance, drama and visual art.

What is the minimum music level for this audition that AICM expected?

Although AICM has recommended grades for music, students can still be accepted based on their performance ability and potential. Trinity, ABRSM, AMEB and IMEB systems are all recognized and will certainly help their application. However we are primarily assessing their performance capability.

Can I have the brief chronology of this AICM established?

AICM was established over 19 years ago and is a leading provider of tertiary music education in Australia. AICM is fully accredited and registered with the Australian government (Higher Education). AICM’s highest priority is to produce musicians, performing artists, composers, teachers and professionals of the highest standard. We provide a quality tertiary education in a range of performance areas as well as composition, multimedia, management and pedagogy. We currently offer undergraduate Bachelor and Diploma courses in music, and will commence offering postgraduate music and arts management courses in 2012.

We also operate a private secondary school (the Australian International Performing Arts High School - AIPAH) specializing in Music, Dance, Drama/Acting and Visual Art.

Is it private institution or a government institution?

AICM is a private institution registered and accredited with the government.

What is the strongest stream and rank institution of music that AICM obtain?

Currently there is no ranking system of music institutions in Australia. However AICM’s strength lies in our dedicated focus on performance (classical, contemporary, jazz), composition and production.

Do they accept the ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall certification?

Yes, both are recognized standards for entry into AICM.

Where is the location of the AICM campus?

AICM is located in Rozelle, within 10 mins from the heart of Sydney CBD (city).

Is there any opportunity to work together with Indonesia local institute of music ?

AICM is now looking to increase its international presence by forming strong relationships with quality overseas providers. We would therefore like to propose a meeting with senior staff at Cantata Institut of Arts to discuss future articulation and cooperation between our institutions. Outcomes of this meeting may include but not limited to:

  • Joint delivery programs and articulation
  • Pathway programs
  • Student exchange programs
  • Short term camps or summer courses
  • Scholarship programs and auditions

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